About us

We are a design-driven luxury watch making company.

Each watch is a lot more than just a device that will tell you how late it is. It is jewelry, it is a nice accessory that can suit your personality. Luxtorious is the brand that can do that for you. World-class, international, high fashion and beauty is made in this watch.

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Automatic Movement

Did you know that our Luxtorious automatic movement ticks 6 times per second? That means more than 186,000,000 ticks per year!


Did you know that the watches are assembled by hand and that the watches are extensively tested twice? The first time in our factory the second time just before shipment.

We have founded a brand for anyone who wants to experience the luxurious feeling of automatic watches without high costs. The focus at Luxtorious is entirely on the quality / price ratio. We believe that our watches are of exceptional quality and therefore offer a 2-year warranty on the timepiece.

– Toni Kuipers